Jimmy and Kathy Perry

Although Perry Estate Farms has been producing Kona coffee for well over one hundred years, Jimmy Perry aquired it 15 years ago and has turned it into one of Kona’s most productive and respected farms. As a kama’aina (native-born Hawaiian), Jimmy has a love for the land that you will taste in his coffee. He does not use the cheapest or easiest methods to accomplish this, but does what produces the healthiest trees, heartiest crop and most cupable brew. There is no substitute for hard work here.

Located in Captain Cook at the perfect 2,100 foot elevation, this small family-run farm is the epitome of Kona coffee production. One sip and you’ll see why Perry Estate Farms was awarded First Place in the Gevalia Cupping Contest and is a respected member of the Kona Coffee Council.

About Estate Coffee
Many people don’t realize what Estate coffee is. Here are some of the criteria. Membership in the Kona Coffee Council is mandatory. The coffee must be grown on one farm. The farmer must own or lease the land on which the coffee grows. The farm must be well-tended and conform to
normal agricultural standards. The harvested coffee must be

kept separate from crops from other farms and under control of the farmer with a paper trail as the control mechanism. The coffee must be consistantly 100% Kona quality and meet the State of Hawaii green grading standards. The coffee workers must be treated with respect.